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Far away in southeastern Europe, between the Alps and in the heart of the Balkans, on the mountains of Kozara, Grmec, Lisina, Borje, Jahorina, Konjuh...where temperatures go far beyond the sub zero mark - Europe's best quality Beechwood Trees grow.

The magnificint tree naturally develops for 80 to 100 years and with its vertical , straight trunks and high density , it is regarded as one of the world's best furniture making timbers.

In these locations, some one hundred years ago, the first factories were constructed to produce beechwood materials for export in large amounts to countries in Europe, particularly Germany, Austria and Italy...

Within the last 50 years, some 10 large factories were developed to produce final beech furniture products particularly factories for producing high quality furniture, interiors, timber flooring, plywood and veneered particle boards.

At the turn of the century, some 95,000 people were employed in this industry and produced approximately 3,5 million cubic metres of beechwood annually.

From these same factories began export to the world market - to Europe, USA, former USSR, Asia, Africa and Australia!

Welcome to ND Furniture. Beechwood furniture is our passion! We endeavour to give this tree the renome it rightly deserves and strive to show this dedication through our work.

Furniture products,we bring wood to life

Please feel free to browse through our current European beechwood furniture selection.

For all your office furniture and office fitout design visit www.officefitoutsydney.com.au.


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